"Volga" were one of the mostly desired behind the Iron curtain Soviet-made cars. Poduced were in GAZ - "Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod", Nizhny Novgorod - "Gorky Automobile Plant". Cars under this name have been in production from 1956 until recent discontinuance of the assembly. Throughout the communist world, Volga cars were seen as the ultimate status symbol.

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01. M24 History, Modifications
02. M24D in Belgium
03. Advertisement brochures
04. Service manual for M24-56

Images courtesy of Russische Klassieker Club Nederland GAZ M24D brochureGAZ M24D brochureGAZ M24D brochure  
  During the 1060s-1980s the Volga was also assembled in Belgium, with the model M21 at first. This took place at SA Sobimpex, NV, in Brussels, Belgium. The cars came to the harbour in Antwerp without engine and with the gearbox disassembled in the trunk. At Sobimpex they initially build in a Perkins Four-99 diesel engine. Later on the Perkins diesel engine was succeeded by a Rover engine (found also in the Land Rover), wich was succeeded by an Indenor from Peugeot (found also in Citroen H 1000 - 1600, Ford Granada, Peugeot 404, 504, J 7 & J 9 Diésel) engine on the M24, which now had the designation D, standing for Diesel. Despite it made the Volga a lot more expensive, the Volga diesel was by far the most sold Volga in the Benelux.